The two brothers have grown a giant pumpkin

The two brothers have grown a giant pumpkin

She claims to be a world record.


57-year-old brothers Ian and Stuart Paton from UK grow a giant pumpkin.

Paton — Champions of great Britain. Last year they grew the biggest pumpkin in the country, weighing more than 1029 kg. This fall, the brothers hope to break the world record, which is 1190 kg.

That’s a large pumpkin

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According to Putanov, they grow up to six of these “monsters” — giant pumpkin for irrigation which men spend more than 100 gallons of water every day. Pumpkins will go to the competition in the Netherlands and France, but most of them farmers’ll save it for competitions in his native country.

Claiming the record pumpkin Paton grown for 96 days. Every day brothers are paying to care for them for about four hours.

The pumpkins are grown by Ian and Stuart have been doing for 11 years.

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