The mystery of the male brain: what causes the differences

The mystery of the male brain: what causes the differences

The development of the brain of male type trigger cells of the immune system: the beginning of becoming men it’s a bit like the inflammatory process.


Professor Margaret McCarthy from Maryland looking for the answer to a fascinating question: how are differences in the brain, determined by flooring? The fact that these differences exist at all, may be the reason for sharp ideological controversy, and to arrest such rotation of the discussions, you should immediately say that Professor McCartney experiments with rodents. The fact that the habits of male rats differ from the behavior of females, no doubt: “copulatory behavior” with nothing to confuse, as with the reflex of caring for the offspring. It is also clear that these traits are determined by sexual dimorphism of the brain, and there socially.

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Finally, it is well established differences of male and female brain as the rats, and humans on an anatomical level. Females have more connections between hemispheres for males inside the hemispheres. Perhaps the most important difference is that in the brain of males usually are stronger in some departments of the hypothalamus — parts of diencephalon, which largely determines the behavior. Males especially a lot of synaptic connections in preoptičeskoj area of the hypothalamus, whereas in the brain of females more of them in other parts.

All these differences are laid in the early stages of embryo development. In a recent article, Professor McCarthy and her colleagues explain how exactly that happens.