The main obstacle to the happiness of the Russians

The main obstacle to the happiness of the Russians

The main cause that prevent to be happy, the majority of Russians called uninteresting work or low wages (54 percent), soobshaet Levada-center” on Friday, September 14.


However, the first place in the list of what, on the contrary, makes people happy is family and children. This view was expressed by 74 percent of respondents.

Sociologists also found that the level of happiness were the same Russians who are in relationships or married and those who do not have a permanent partner. But divorced or udobstvami inhabitants of the country, this level is almost two times lower.

The challenges to experience the full enjoyment of life, and also vary by age group. If young people are unhappy mostly because of the poor state of Affairs in the country, those who are over 55 years of age, suffer from health problems and death of loved ones.

Finally, sociologists have confirmed a significant influence of the level of their financial position and ability to meet their customers desire for customer satisfaction your business. Among the rich, the ratio of happy to unhappy is six to one, among the poor — one-to-one.

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