The European Commission has called the conditions for the next tranche of Ukraine

The European Commission has called the conditions for the next tranche of Ukraine

To receive macrofinancial assistance from the European Union, Ukraine needs to adopt a number of measures against corruption and improve the governance of the state companies and to start selling state assets. This statement was made by the President of the European Commission on the Euro and financial stability Valdis Dombrovskis.


According to him, the tranche will be made only in case if Ukraine will fulfill all these obligations. In addition, the country’s leaders need to create an automated system for the verification of electronic declarations of assets of officials and to ensure effective verification of beneficial ownership information on companies, writes “Federal news Agency”.

6 September in Kiev with working visit there has arrived IMF mission. The task of the Foundation staff to assess the implementation of the Kiev budget for the current year and review the draft budget for the following. After that, the Fund might resume lending to the country.

The last time the IMF lent money to Ukraine in the beginning of April 2017, before that, in September 2016. By the time all the initial arrangements and the approximate time frames have been disrupted. So, in 2016, Ukraine was to receive four tranches, totaling more than $5 billion, in 2017 — two tranches of 3.5 billion Instead she got two times $1 billion Experts estimate that over the past two years, Ukraine has received from IMF only as many credits for the same amount which has been paid back to the Fund.