The dollar was stuck in wow for 13 hours

The dollar was stuck in wow for 13 hours

Own the car almost became a death trap for 75-year-old Peter piros from Cleveland: due to a drained battery, the electric door locks of his Cadillac XLR Roadster has stopped working and the pensioner was locked in a stuffy cabin — without the ability to open the door to lower the glass, fold the roof, or at least turn on the air conditioner.


At the end of last month in Cleveland, obviously, the weather has been good, because an American named Peter decided to finally ride his luxury Cadillac. For this, he went into the garage on the first floor of his house to start the car and give the 4.6-liter V8 to work a little at idle after long Parking — 75-year-old piros recently successfully recovered from cancer, suffered a stroke and several surgeries. Then, he was going to climb into the house to change clothes to walk.

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However, leisurely promenade along the waterfront of lake Erie with the roof wasn’t meant to be. The pensioner behind the wheel of a Cadillac, slammed the door and tried to start the engine but failed: on the dashboard there was a message that battery is low. Then he decided to get out of the car, but it had not happened: the XLR Roadster, which was produced from 2003 to 2009, was an expensive and advanced car that, in particular, was equipped with door locks with electric drive — to open the door, you press the button.

Innovative locks played with Pyrocom a cruel joke: of course, without power they didn’t work. As and Windows. As the folding hard top. Mobile phone American has brought, no one was home. The cabin sports a Cadillac was stuffy and the American felt that he was losing consciousness. “At some point I realized that this is the end and I die,” later said Peter in an interview with local TV channel.

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Retired several times fainted from the heat, and when he came to, shouted with all his strength. After 13 hours of imprisonment his screams from the garage, heard a neighbor walking his dog nearby and called the police. Officers broke the lock on the gate of the garage and got inside. Fortunately,

Piros was conscious and managed to reach the handle to open the hood, then the police “lit” Cadillac from the patrol car and the door locks working again. The prisoner was taken to a local hospital with heat stroke.

But does the battery literally paralyzes the car and the electric door locks there is no mechanism to open the door manually? There! And method for emergency opening of the door described in the manual — to do this, just pull the handle on the floor near the driver’s seat. Here are just a hapless American manual, of course, did not read. Moreover, as is customary in the United States, he has hired fierce advocates, which seriously intends to sue the “Cadillac” mnogomillionnoi compensation.