Poroshenko considered the Association of Ukraine with the European Union a victory over Russia

Poroshenko considered the Association of Ukraine with the European Union a victory over Russia

MOSCOW, 15 sen — news. Ukraine was able to “beat Russia”, said the President Petro Poroshenko. Such a statement he made in passing in Kiev the forum of the international organization “Yalta European strategy”.


“I can say that we beat, and it’s been more than a year, as the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU entered into force. The EU’s share in exports ranges from 42 to 43 percent, rapidly approaching 50 percent, and this greatly compensates for those losses which we have caused Russia”, — he wrote in Twitter.

Policy replacement

In recent years, Kiev has a policy of substitution of products manufactured in Russia.

From January 1, 2016 came into force the agreement between the European Union and Ukraine on a deep and comprehensive free trade area. Kiev has granted tariff rate quotas for 36 kinds of products that can be sold without duties.

In parallel, Kiev took the decision to abolish the free trade zone with Russia within the CIS and on the introduction of an embargo on some Russian goods.

Despite these obstacles, Russia remains the largest investor in the Ukrainian economy (436 million dollars), and foreign trade turnover between the two countries for the first six months amounted to 5,838 billion dollars.

For the first half of Russia’s exports to Ukraine reached 3,629 billion, imports to Russia from Ukraine — 2,209 billion dollars. Ukraine’s share in the total foreign trade turnover of Russia has increased to 2.2% from 2.1% a year earlier.

At the same time, as noted by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Rabinovich, a free economic zone with the EU until it brings only losses.

“The trade balance with Russia is growing every month for one simple reason, because a free economic zone with Europe has brought us only loss we Have absolutely zero balance of trade (with Europe. — Approx. ed.). And how to trade in the negative everywhere?” the MP said.

In turn, the journalist Yury Lights told radio Sputnik that Ukraine is actually on the verge of bankruptcy, so “takes money, do not hesitate, wherever possible”.

Another farewell from Moscow

Poroshenko also said that the inclusion in the Constitution of the policy of rapprochement with Europe and NATO membership — another reason to “wave bye”.

“Good-bye, our tender Misha, go back to your fairy forest. This message and our Western partners, who have repeatedly told us that the door is open,” he said.

Experts and ordinary users of social networks was skeptical of this statement, Recalling that this is not the first “farewell” of the Ukrainian authorities with Russia.