On American TV showed the most spectacular weather (video)

On American TV showed the most spectacular weather (video)

Almost a disaster movie.


Now in Berlin:



759 mm Hg. article

3 m/s

The staff of the American TV channel The Weather Channel raised the usual weather to a new level.

Not to be limited to the dry forecast and clearly show what the weather is waiting for Americans in the coming days, the channel began to use computer graphics.

In one of the news releases leading told what should be prepared to inhabitants of the United States in connection with the visitor by hurricane “Florence”, suddenly “found himself” in the middle of the street around it began to rise water.

Eat your heart out, CNN! pic.twitter.com/IN8MoN1NCf

— lil zyrtec (@dorseyshaw) 13 Sep 2018

NewsAirplane flying through the eye of the hurricane (video)

The girl described the effects of hurricane and floods, but this time the streets of the fictional town were filled with water, the surface of which floated cars, furniture and other items.

In social networks, the weather became a hit, as users pointed out that such issues need to watch with popcorn.

Note that this is not the first experiment with special effects on the channel. At the end of June on The Weather Channel already talked about the effects of the tornado and how to escape from him. Then the walls of the Studio “caved” to the fallen tree.