NYT: trump can fire the head of the Pentagon after the election in November for insubordination

NYT: trump can fire the head of the Pentagon after the election in November for insubordination

NEW YORK, September 15. /TASS/. The President of the United States Donald trump is considering the appropriateness of dismissal after the midterm elections in November, defense Minister James Mattis and his replacement by a more pliant leader.


This was reported in Saturday newspaper the New York Times, quoting several current and former officials of the White house, Congress and the Pentagon.

The sources drew attention to the fact that in the last six weeks, Mattis finally fell into the disfavor of the President, as is very concerned about the state of the armed forces of the country and does not want the President of the United States used them in the political struggle with enemies. The Pentagon disagreed with trump’s views on policy towards NATO, joint military exercises with the Republic of Korea, the US withdrawal from the deal with Iran on other pressing issues.

According to the newspaper, Mattis during meetings with the President behaves cautiously, avoiding to show open disagreement or disobedience. But the Pentagon chief when discussing important topics, however, proves his innocence and seeks to retain a head of state from a hasty or potentially harmful to United States decisions. This approach became annoying to Trump that, from the point of view of the edition, power-hungry and does not tolerate constant objections.

After similar articles in the press on March 22, was dismissed by the assistant for national security Herbert McMaster, who was replaced by John Bolton. Commenting on the decision, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter called it “one of the biggest mistakes” committed by trump. According to Carter, Bolton “stands for war against North Korea for attack on Iran” and is “one of the key figures that influenced the decision to invade” in 2003 in Iraq.