Winners of the IG Nobel prize-2018

Winners of the IG Nobel prize-2018

Solemn ceremony of awarding the IG Nobel prize in 2018 for research of dubious value held in Harvard’s Sanders theatre.


The award was given to 10 teams. The prize for each category was 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

Team James Cole of the University of Brighton in Britain, won in the category “Food” for the study of cannibalism in the Paleolithic times. They were able to establish that it was not as nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals compared to the food of modern man.

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Three researchers received the award in chemistry, proved that human saliva is cleans a dirty surface. But scientists from the Swedish Academy of agricultural Sciences were the first in the category “Biology”. They proved that people can easily determine the flavor of wine in which floated a fly, as it differs bitter taste.

In the field of “Medical education” award for an article on carrying out a colonoscopy in the sitting position received the Japanese researcher Akira Horiuchi. In the category “Reproductive medicine” a group of scientists received the prize for her research on “detumescence penis with postage stamps”. The researchers found that men suffering from psychogenic impotence, in contrast to men with organic impotence have good erections during sleep.