The Western media did not believe the version Bashirova and Petrov after their interview

The Western media did not believe the version Bashirova and Petrov after their interview

Foreign media reacted with irony to the interview of Russian Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov, whom British authorities suspect in the poisoning in Salisbury. At the same time, American observers recognize that Russia “was more successful in promoting” than Western countries.


The representatives of the office of the British Prime Minister said that the interview with the Russians, Aleksander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov contains “lies and blatant fabrication” and “offends minded public.”

The British newspaper the Independent notes that a skeptical reaction to the statement was easy to predict. “Laughing’s good, and when I want to laugh, laugh is always necessary. In the era of fake news, lies and disinformation, when it comes to things such as this case, laughter is a perfectly normal reaction,” writes the correspondent of the publication.

As noted by Sky News, British Twitter after the interview, Petrov and Bashirova the trend out requests for “Russian” and “Salisbury”.

Users of the British segment of the Internet was amused that the suspects in the poisoning of ex-agent of the Russian GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter expressed the desire “to visit this wonderful city,” which includes “the world famous Albericci Cathedral.”

“Of course, those Russians are just tourists. We all know that in Salisbury there are two world-class attractions: 1. Cathedral; 2. The famous door handle in the house Skripal,” wrote British actor David Schneider.

For an interview responded and members of the British Parliament from Salisbury, who said the famous sights.

“I am pleased that Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov were able to see world-class attractions offered by Salisbury. However, very strange to come all this way just two days, carrying a “Newbie” in the Luggage.

Salisbury is glad to see tourists from all over the world and very open for business. But the statement Petrova and Bashirova not credible and do not correspond to the information that we have on them, written by the British from Salisbury MP John Glen.

The Washington Post called the interview “weird” and wrote that it leaves more questions than answers “about sexual orientation, strange views and their thinking about the weather in Salisbury in March of this year.”

The reviewers of Vice magazine I doubt whether the people who were interviewed, those who were captured on surveillance cameras, noting a large “the resemblance between them.” In addition, the authors again allude to the link between Russian government structures with the incident in Salisbury, although Moscow has consistently rejected such accusations and also requires you to provide proof of disposal of the London — however, the answer to Russia’s proposal from the UK not arrive.