The FBI shut down the solar Observatory in new Mexico. Nobody knows why

The FBI shut down the solar Observatory in new Mexico. Nobody knows why

Solar Observatory in the American city Sanspot, new Mexico, and a post office nearby from September 6 closed for security reasons since nobody knows why the offices are closed, the Internet spread conspiracy theories on this. The story tells the publication Newsweek.


According to media reports, at the moment of closing of the Observatory worked on the site of the FBI. The local Sheriff told local editions of The Albuquerque Journal, and Alamogordo News that representatives of the Bureau refused to report what is going on and why they evacuated the Observatory, while the FBI has not responded to the requests of Newspapers. The Observatory Apache point, about a mile from Sanspot continues, said Newsweek.

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The representative of the University Association for research in astronomy (AURA), which manages the Observatory, Shari, Lifson said that the organization is working with “relevant authorities”. “Local authorities know about the situation… This is a temporary evacuation of the Observatory, we will reopen as soon as it becomes available”, said Lipson, did not specify what exactly happened. In the comments of the Alamogordo News, Lifson noted that the evacuation was a precautionary measure, and the decision is adopted by the management of the Observatory, however, did not specify what happened.

Among the popular online versions of the reasons closed the Observatory with five telescopes, Newsweek mentions “super flare” on the Sun (unlikely, since, in addition to the destructive effects of space infrastructure, the outbreak would have noticed other space and ground observatories) and the landing of aliens. The newspaper reminds that in the state of new Mexico is a Roswell where in 1947 alleged crash-landed alien spacecraft, the existence of which is hidden by the authorities.

Olga Dobrovicova