Sometimes they come back: Obama comes into play

Sometimes they come back: Obama comes into play

As the return of Barack Obama to the policies reflected in congressional elections.


Barack Obama was actively involved in the democratic campaign on the intermediate congressional elections. Obama is popular among supporters of the party, which hopes to use it to mobilize voters. Though not everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

The former U.S. President visited Ohio, where he held a campaign to support his longtime protégé of Richard Cordray, head of the Agency for protection of consumer rights in his administration. The politician wants to get the democratic nomination as candidate for Governor of the state.

Ohio is considered a Republican state and it is here in 2016 were pre-election Congress of the Republican party. The Governor of the state John Kasich, acted as one of the strong party’s candidates for President, but dropped out of the race.

“I can’t lie,” admitted Kasic his supporters at the event, which was attended by the correspondent of “Газеты.Ru”. This year popular in the state, the Governor is leaving his post, and rival Democrat Cordray of the Republican party is the state attorney General Mike Devin.

Democrats hope that the support for ex-President Obama will help them win the state, which was lost by party in presidential elections of 2016.

Then the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump received more than 51% of the votes, while his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton — 43%.

Recently former U.S. President, who retains influence in the Democratic party, has become quite active. It helps the party in the election campaign, and also acts as a “surrogate” — a person acting at the debate in support of a particular candidate. The closest analogue of “surrogate” status “Trustee” of a presidential candidate in Russia.

Obama criticizes the current course of the country with Donald trump. During his recent public speech, he urged Americans to come to the congressional elections in order to save the country from an American President. According to him, trump “prey on the fears and anger” of the US population. He also added that people with power, want all the rest remained divided.

As a rule, the presidents of the United States, retired, to refrain from criticism of current leaders, however.

Obama and trump do not hide their hostility to each other.

Commenting on the performance of its predecessor trump said that I could not watch Obama’s speech, because he fell asleep. “He’s very good — very good to sleep,” said trump.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the former US President in their speeches strongly emphasizing that it is very different from his vision of economic and foreign policy of the country.