“Poisoners Skrypalia” meme-ing

“Poisoners Skrypalia” meme-ing

Twitter users mocked and meme-ing an interview with Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov’s publication RT. In it the Russians accused the British authorities of poisoning family Skrobala, told about his visit to the UK.


Most of the jokes users was devoted to the story Bashirova and Petrov on a tourist trip to Salisbury and their impressions of the local attractions. Mention in an interview, “Solarexpo Cathedral” as the main sights of the city became a meme.

Must see pic.twitter.com/2iTn8Eoe5O

— Gulyaeva Svetlana (@svet_planet) 13 Sep 2018

Oh, how beautiful Salisbury Cathedral at this time of the year! Isn’t it worth that to fly to Salisbury all the way from Moscow? Rather buy tickets to London and from there only half an hour by train: https://t.co/2kwrc3cfFE pic.twitter.com/vY8HT49xJW

— Aviasales.ru (@aviasales) 13 Sep 2018

We planned to visit only Salisbury one day, but on 3 March there was all this snow. We got soaked and came back. But on March 4 in London “melted away” and we couldn’t imagine how to change Salisbury during the work of Sergei Sobyanin, it is now a comfortable European city.

— The Martin (@martin_camera) 13 Sep 2018

A number of jokes were devoted to the alleged connection Bashirova and Petrov with Russian intelligence services.

Briefly about the interview pic.twitter.com/Z5hmEVyVg0

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 13 Sep 2018

The impression from the interview pic.twitter.com/hMg9RdJ3LU

Infinite Ptah (@Brodie_Bruce) 13 Sep 2018

Some users decided to link the story of heroes interviews with popular movies. They jokingly imagined heroes of the crime drama “Lie low in Bruges”. One of the users remembered the story of the hero of the film “Brother 2” in the police Department about the sights that he allegedly met in Chicago.

“Lay low.” pic.twitter.com/eixS0YGqT8

— a Jew with fittings (@Miitai) 13 Sep 2018

“Petrov” and “Bocharov” said in an interview with RT that came to Salisbury from Russia, “to look at the beautiful Cathedral”. pic.twitter.com/I1jiiNC8Yj

— Rustem Adagamov (@adagamov) 13 Sep 2018

13 September Bashirov and Petrov, accused great Britain of using chemical weapons in Salisbury, gave an interview to RT. They said that their trip to this city was a tourist.