Klimkin accused Russia of water blockade of the Crimea

Klimkin accused Russia of water blockade of the Crimea

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Klimkin accused Russia that it deprived the Crimea of the water. So the diplomat responded to the request of the deputies of the faction “Opposition bloc” in the Verkhovna Rada to hold him accountable for the words that need to leave Crimea without water.


“This is not Ukraine cut off Crimea from water, Russia did, by the power of cutting off the Crimea from Ukraine”, — wrote Klimkin in your Facebook.

As the official explained, “the Opposition bloc” sees the interests of Ukraine “Moscow lad”, accusing him of violating international law and even the genocide of the Crimean people.

Recalling the definition of international law from Google, Klimkin also said that the entire responsibility for the situation in Crimea is just “the occupier”.

In the comments to the post diplomat users of the social network has said that Ukraine is hurting herself, cutting off the water supply to the Peninsula.

“How Crimea was paying for the water of Kiev? Millions. Now not earning anything. Stupid water flows into the sea. But in 2019 you will be the response from Russia when stop the transit of gas. It’s still minus 3 billion dollars from your budget, and so on,” wrote a user with the nickname Eugene Eugene.