How to look famous shipwrecks (photos)

How to look famous shipwrecks (photos)

They attract divers from around the world.


“Tuscany”, Red sea

The ship was launched in 1911 in Hamburg. Then it bore the name “Bahia Blanca”. After the First world war the ship was sold to Argentina and in 1935 it was bought by Italy to be used as a troop transport. She gave the ship a new name — the “Umbria”.

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In his last voyage “Umbria”, was released in the late spring of 1940. The ship loaded a huge amount of ammunition for the Italian army in the East African colonies: 360 thousand bombs, 60 boxes of detonators and primers, as well as building materials. The ultimate goal of the ship was in Kolkata.

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In early June, the ship began to pass through the Suez canal. Importunately accompanied by an English trawler”, Grimsby”. The British from day to day expected entry of Italy into the war. The steamer was forced to anchor in the reef WinGate.

To help the British arrived, the new Zealand cruiser “Leander”. In view of the training evacuation the captain of the “Umbria” decided to flood the ship to ammunition not got the British.

Diving the Umbria In Sudan with a #rEvoRebreather #Scuba #Diving via @rEvoRebreathers –

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Giant underwater “mine” still lies at the bottom of the red sea. The wooden parts rotted, and the metal had grown into the reef. “Tuscany” — a popular place for divers. Here you can still see the cement bags, wine bottles, tires for airplane landing gear and hundreds of bombs with detonators.

Diving the Umbria wreck off the coast of Sudan. #idive #scuba #usethetouchscreen

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“Dmitry Donskoy”, the sea of Japan

In July 2018, the South Korean researchers found in the sea of Japan armored cruiser “Dmitry Donskoy”. It is 1.3 km away from Ulleungdo island at a depth of 434 meters.

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The legendary ship was launched in 1883. In 1885, he was sent to the Mediterranean, where for two years the ship was the head of special squad. Then the ship was part of the Russian Pacific squadron, then returned to the Mediterranean sea.

バルチック艦隊… ナヒモフ号… うっ、頭が…
日本海海底でロ巡洋艦発見 韓国領沖、日露戦争で沈没

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“Dmitry Donskoy” took part in the battle of Tsushima in may 1905, where the Russian 2nd squadron of the Pacific fleet was defeated by the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Russo-Japanese war. 11 days later after the battle, “Dmitry Donskoy”, which helped to evacuate the team’s other Russian ships, was surrounded by Japanese cruisers. Firing back, he was the strongest damage. May 16, “Dmitry Donskoy” sank without lowering of the flag.

ドミトリー・ドンスコイってめっちゃ口に出して言いたいロシア語。ドミトリー・ドンスコイ!/日露戦争で沈没したロ巡洋艦発見 韓国領沖の海底で – 琉球新報 – 沖縄の新聞、地域のニュース

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The hull was badly damaged by shells, feed almost destroyed, but the sides and deck are well preserved. The stated intention was to raise the cruiser.

“Tote”, Canada