Debs stayed at home

Debs stayed at home

Why in London have canceled the annual Russian ball.


In London canceled the annual Russian ball. The reason for that — the debutantes problems with obtaining British visas. According to the organizers, the Embassy fails massively participating in the entry. They have no doubt that the situation is “a matter Skrypalia”. Details — in the material Lubnina, Yana and Anastasia Roizman.

“Russian, you will not go to the ball!” — the headline of the article in the British newspaper the Times. According to journalists, thus Russians pay for the deterioration of bilateral relations. And in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Money spent on visas, buying tickets and booking hotels, they have no return. Great loss emotional.

Russian debutante ball is one of the most anticipated events in the calendar of social life of London.

In the scenery of one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe Grosvenor House traditionally gather representatives of the wealthy families. On the tables, expensive champagne and canapes with caviar. The ball has a strict dress code for women mandatory long white dress, gloves and tiara; the knights should be dressed in suit or uniform.

In an interview with “Kommersant FM” the organizer of the ball, Elizabeth Smagin-by Melloni who said that the non-issuance of visas to the debutantes — a gesture purely political: “We have given back about 20 tickets that people already booked and then not received visas. They paid for away almost 400 pounds. When there was a failure, they have the money is not returned, the money was lost. Let them make their Brickset and live where they live and all. I do, for example, the Moscow ball in Vienna: Austria is also in the European community, we also recognize that Russia took the Crimea, but we never had problems with tourists, with guests, with cultural projects.”

These English are crazy. Let them go to hell!Elizabeth Smagin-Millenialists ball

Russian ball in London is held under the patronage of Princess Olga Romanoff, daughter of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich and granddaughter of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich.

Tickets to a social event in terms of rubles are from 26 to 53 thousand — these costs debutantes, the organizers promise to reimburse.

Executive Director of visa Agency “Wished” Daniil Sergeev notes that no special problems with obtaining British visas of the Russians is not. Most likely, the Russians just irresponsible attitude to the collection of documents for the Embassy.

“The British are incredible pedants in matters of documents. And maybe that was not a valid invitation that all these girls used, or they used some kind of a template that the British seemed strange. Maybe the British themselves decided to cancel this dance and the invitation that all these girls went to London, entered in the stop list, which is not necessary to give visas. The human factor there is minimal”.

If they refuse, write the reason of refusal., And all those young girls in the cause of the failure is written is true. May be, the Agency, which was engaged in preparation of documents for the group did that bad.Daniel Cerealicoltura Director visa Agency “Wished”

Russian dances are held in many countries of Europe. The next event planned in Riga and Vienna. According to the organizers, to obtain a Schengen visa from debutantes problem has not yet occurred.