While being transported to the Gokhran gold coins replaced the wrenches

While being transported to the Gokhran gold coins replaced the wrenches

Ancient hoard of 260 gold coins were stolen during transport from the Kursk region to Moscow. When the box with the ancient discovery was delivered to Gokhran, the experts found it only three spanner and office stapler. SK the Russian Federation has opened a criminal case on the fact of theft.


The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case after the loss of the treasure sent to Moscow from the Kursk region. This was reported on the website of the Department.

A hoard of 260 gold coins of the Russian Empire coinage of the late XIX — early XX century have been replaced by three metal wrenches and an office stapler. As noted, the theft of the trove was discovered on arrival “box with the coins” in the Gokhran in Moscow.

Gold coins was discovered by a resident of the Kursk Alexander Snegirev, when he began to do repair his private house and raised wood floors.

Kuranin suggests that the treasure most likely belonged to his grandmother, which “was Golden hands: a woman well sewed, people have been treated, that the coins she was carrying.”

According to him, the first thing he took it to the coin collectors to assess the value of the coins. They were so old that Snegirev did not realize that they are gold. Very soon the man came to the police and seized coins weighing 2.5 kg of gold 99 samples.

“They said, check it out, and if it turns out that on the coins there is no crime, then all I will return in ten days”, — quotes its words kp.ru.

However, the expert of the local history Museum has issued a certificate stating that the coins represent the cultural-historical value.

In this case, by law, the treasure belongs to the state.

Snegirev did not immediately agree with this decision, but after the litigation is still resigned to the fact that all the coins he can afford to leave can’t. As he found and passed the hoard to the state relied 50% of the compensation of its value.

Before sending to the capital of the coins stored in the OP-1 in Kursk. The court then decided to send the coins of the Russian Empire in the Gokhran in Moscow. According to Snegirev, the last time he saw gold coins in the police, when law enforcement officers in the presence of witnesses sealed it, and took the box.

Currently the investigation is trying to determine who and when could steal the treasure.

Earlier it was reported that in the East of Moscow region near the village of Bolshie Dvory archaeologists stumbled across a treasure trove of Ivan the terrible — ceramic vessel-623 a jug with silver coins minted in the early seventeenth century.

This is the first major “farm” gold with such a composition, which allows to reconstruct the situation in which he was hidden. After studying the find, as required by law, will be transferred to one of the state museums of Moscow or the Moscow region.

“This treasure was a surprise even experienced professionals. Its uniqueness lies not only in the large size and unusual composition, but in its integrity. It was found in archaeological excavations, no one coin is not lost, as the jug was discovered in situ, that is, where 400 years ago buried her owner,” — said the Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology RAS for science Asya Engovatova.