Vladimir branch of the Communist party prefers the incumbent Governor

Vladimir branch of the Communist party prefers the incumbent Governor

Vladimir, the Communists called on their supporters in the second round of gubernatorial elections in Vladimir region to vote for Svetlana Orlov, calling her opponent a political “weather vane”.


The Bureau of the Committee of the Vladimir regional branch of the political party, the Communist party appealed to his party members and supporters to support the second round of elections of the head region acting Governor Svetlana Orlova.

“As you know, the candidate of the Communist party Maxim Shevchenko through provocations, intrigues and fraud on the part of the authorities was not allowed to participate in the Governor’s race, which is largely left to the voters in Vladimir region the real choice” — is noted in the statement of the Bureau of the Committee of the Vladimir regional branch of the Communist party, published on the website of the organization.

“We have been and remain principled and consistent opponents of the ruling party and Svetlana Orlova, whose actions led to the socio-economic crisis in the region. Deputies of Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region from the Communist party has yet to give legal and moral assessment of the actions of the regional administration over the last 5 years, — the statement stresses.

“However, as responsible politicians, we are confident that the transition of Supreme power in the region from the current leadership to the populists of the liberal democratic party will only deepen the crisis. The absence in the Bulletin of the candidate from the Communist party, that is no reason to trust Frank “spoiler”, the political “weather vane”, a tough anti-Communist, Vladimir Sipyagina, who happened to be in the second round of the gubernatorial election. In the current difficult situation, to trust the power of the weak Governor — then finally bury area. A person with no authority with the population of Vladimir region and in Federal policy circles, the relevant experience in administrative work and public administration will not be able to effectively defend the interests of the region”, — stated in the text of the statement.

“We in any case will not go to any compromises and compromise with the ruling party and the liberal democratic party in exchange for the promise of warm places and high positions in the leadership of the region. This is our principled position”, — underline the activists of the Communist party.

“There is also a purely ideological reasons support the liberal democratic party and its regional leader, Vladimir Sipyagin is unacceptable for us. The party openly proclaimed anticommunism as part of their ideology. It is Vladimir Zhirinovsky has repeatedly extremist calls to ban the Communist party and to introduce into the criminal Code article punishes the propaganda of Communist ideas. Therefore, even indirectly support a party with such a hostile attitude to the Soviet past and the socialist ideals, we can’t,” according to the statement.

Recall, as reported IA REGNUM, in the Single voting day on September 9 in 80 Russian regions have passed elections of various level, including in 22 subjects, elections were held for governors, in 16 regions — members of the legislative Assembly, 12 — city councils of regional centers. Additional elections to the state Duma were held in seven single-mandate constituencies. In the four regions will host the second round of gubernatorial elections is Khakassia, Vladimir oblast, Primorsky Krai and Khabarovsk Krai.

Wednesday, 12 September, the leader of the liberal democratic party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the First channel urged residents of these regions do not give a single vote to the Communists.