The suspects in the poisoning Skrobala called the cause of the visit in Salisbury

The suspects in the poisoning Skrobala called the cause of the visit in Salisbury

Petrov and Bashirov, which Britain considers military intelligence officers gave first interview.


The suspects in the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov gave an interview to the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan told that he came to Salisbury for tourism purposes.

“Friends, we have long been advised to visit this beautiful city,” said Petrov. According to Bocharova in Salisbury is the famous Cathedral. “From the beginning we planned to come to London and leave, roughly speaking, — Petrov noted. — It was not a business trip now. And so we planned that we will visit London and take a trip to Salisbury”.

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Asked to explain what they were doing in the UK, Petrov said: “the Second day [March 2] we flew in, came to the station to see the schedule. We arrived in Salisbury on the third day [March 3], was there exactly — tried to walk around the city, but as was the whole city covered with snow, we had exactly half an hour — we all got wet”.

About where is the house Skrobala, Petrov and Bashirov don’t know. “Maybe we passed [the house], but can — not pass,” said Bashirov. On the question of what unites them, Bashirov asked not to “meddle” in their private life. “We have protection please — we have not interrogated”, — he stressed.

Cathedral’Salisbury’s spire is the tallest in Britain, reaching the impressive height of 123m! It is no wonder that it can be seen for miles around and plays such a significant part of the surrounding landscape.

Photograph by Ash Mills

— Salisbury Cathedral (@SalisburyCath) 13 Sep 2018

On the question of whether they work for GRU, they replied in the negative. Petrov said that they are “businessmen of an average hand”. “In short, this fitness industry. What applies to sports nutrition. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, weight gainers”, he added.

According to them, they did not have a perfume bottle Nina Ricci, which, according to British law enforcement, was carrying a paralytic agent “Beginner”. “A normal guy to carry a women’s perfume is not that silly? When you pass customs, check all things. If we had something, they would have any questions, why at men the baggage are women’s perfume,” — said Bocharov.

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Petrov and Bashirov also said that down the corridor at the airport, they were held together. Earlier, the British law enforcement authorities have posted two photos, in which the Russians pass through the corridors individually and at the same time. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova have questioned the authenticity of these photos.

The question made whether they in the media, if told to do so by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Petrov replied: “Probably, probably, it would be posted online in a video message. We had not experienced ever with the media and it would be easier, perhaps, to vent it on the Internet.”