Talking head: the hunt for ghosts

Talking head: the hunt for ghosts

Each Thursday, the editorial Board of the samizdat publishes transcripts of podcasts the best radio “Glagolev FM”. This week you will find three fascinating stories from the author of the podcast “Talking head”, working in a private detective Agency. He will tell you what requests are made to it customers why search adulterers — trivial and boring as he had to look for illegitimate sons, who come to people in dreams.


Hi, this is maniacally entertaining “Talking head,” and I, her master Vadim Golovin. In this issue I will talk about who have to find private detectives. There will be no stories about runaway lovers, of kidnapped children and fugitive debtors. It’s all platitudes that you relate to. It will be a different story. About things, so to speak, deep. Just imagine that the detective Agency comes to customer requests and to find the man of his dream, a stranger, whom he in reality had never seen.

Or, for example, a girl comes to us with a request to protect her from importunate suitor. But it turns out that there is no fan and there was not.

You can consider it nonsense or mysticism. But I put that diagnosis: loneliness, chronic and incurable.

Here, judge for yourself: in your phone there are all sorts of contacts-Facebook, telegram-instagram, wotsap -!!! some of you have thousands of friends in social networks, but you are alone. We are all infinitely alone, and I do too. The idea is not new, but in the context of our podcast, I have to say about it. Let’s start, and then something my heart aches.

Part one

One man came to us with a request to find his young son. We first decided that this is the standard situation: two had a fight, got divorced, and she gives the father contact with the child. But no: it turned out that the man and wife never was. Had sex with different women, but a great love as something that has not happened.

And then one day this man had a dream that he is somewhere there is a child — a boy of five or six. He pulls the man your children’s hands and says: “Daddy, I miss you, come to me!”.

Then, perhaps, even the most cynical just cry — and his life will never be the same. Uncle he seriously decided your child to look for. But where to find it, at first it was unclear. After all, this is, in fact, a phantom, just a sort of projection of dreams.

The newsGuy was so desperate to find the girl from the bar, I accidentally organized a women’s club

But grandma paid — you need to work out. We detail the guy asked about all his novels and sex with a casual partner. Imagine it’s necessary here to sit down and remember who you’re p********I six years ago, while vacationing in Goa during foam parties.

So, bit by bit, we recreate these exciting moments, when life seemed bright and wonderful. And, you know, we found. In one small town we found a young woman falling under the same description of one of his casual acquaintances. The woman raised the child, a boy. Even DNA examination carried out have not had, so they were like my father.