The man stole a credit card and bought pizza for 8 thousand dollars

The man stole a credit card and bought pizza for 8 thousand dollars

Card he found in the house of the dead neighbor.


A resident of Bangor in Northern Ireland stole the credit card of a dead neighbor, and for two years it was paying for the pizza.

A 24-year-old man stole his neighbour’s dead bank card and failed to notify anyone of her death for two years. Robert Sharkey, who now lives in…

— Police Alerts UK (@PoliceAlertsUk) 12 Sep 2018

About the outrageous history beginning in August 2015, according to British media.

24-year-old Robert Sharkey entered the house of an elderly neighbor and found her dead. Instead of having to call an ambulance or the police, the young man stole credit card women, 50 pounds in cash (about $ 65) and even brought her coffee mug.

In two years Sharkey was paying a credit card late. The investigation showed that he spent 6 million pounds (almost 8 thousand dollars) for pizza. In addition, he paid their bills and bought a new phone.

The corpse of lonely woman found only in 2017. Robert Sharkey was arrested and charged with illegal entry into the house, theft and obstruction of burial.

The verdict of the man bear, on 12 October 2018.

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