The author of the essay “How to kill your husband” shot wife

The author of the essay “How to kill your husband” shot wife

“We all occasionally want to kill my husband,” she wrote.


American writer Nancy Crampton-Brophy was detained by police in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, on suspicion in murder of own husband.

Novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy, who wrote about ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ charged with murdering her husband

— Tusshar Krrishna (@BlkAngelT) 12 Sep 2018

Crampton-Brophy known as the author of popular novels “Wrong husband”, “Wrong lover”, “the Wrong brother” and others. In 2011, she wrote an essay called “How to kill your husband”, in which he talked about how taking the subjects for his books.

“We all occasionally want to kill her husband for one reason or another,” said 68-year-old writer.

Crampton-Brophy also stated that it is easier to wish for someone’s death than actually solving a murder. His novels she was called a way to kill someone, not into the prison.

Husband of Nancy, 63-year-old David was found shot to death in June. He worked as a chef in a popular restaurant and was known as a man in love with his job.

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