Sociologists have called the most unhappy country in the world

Sociologists have called the most unhappy country in the world

Global happiness index is at the lowest level in the last ten years.


Worldwide, a growing number of people experiencing stress and anxiety, and the level of happiness in 2017, was the lowest over the past decade, evidenced by the data of the survey Institute Gallup.

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Pollsters interviewed adult residents in 147 countries worldwide. Were interviewed over 147 thousand people. Respondents are asked questions about what emotions they experienced on the eve of the polling during the day. The Institute annually conducts such studies since 2006, and last year was the worst.

The most unhappy country in the world was the Central African Republic, where tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes because of the fighting. The CAR is one of 11 countries which reported that in recent days had “a lot of physical pain.” The majority of these countries located in Africa South of the Sahara.

On the second place of the list was Iraq, where the unlucky 59% of the population. Also on the list were South Sudan, Egypt and Iran.

Named the happiest inhabitants of Latin America. The three leaders entered the Paraguay, Colombia and El Salvador.

Russia was among the countries whose residents have experienced in the past day, less negative emotions (20%). However, the report noted that this does not mean that the country has a lot of happy people.