British MPs to discuss the options displacement Theresa may

British MPs to discuss the options displacement Theresa may

As it became known bi-Bi-si from reliable sources, members of the British Parliament from the Conservative party, not support the plan of the Prime Minister on the UK exit from the EU, met on 11 September to discuss the question of how and when they could force Theresa may to resign.


According to the source Bi-bi-si, the discussion was attended by about 50 members of Parliament serving in the European Research Group (ERG), which is engaged in research for the Conservative party and, as stated by its members, among other things, “is working on the implementation of the “Breccia” on the scenario that will suit all the British people”.

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Members of the ERG strongly support the proposals Theresa may “Broksita”, and, as stated by one of the participants in the discussion, they consider the “possible scenarios for autumn” given that, whether to negotiate and what to negotiate to the Prime Minister with the EU.

The meeting was also attended by former British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, who has previously criticized the position of the Theresa may “Broksita” to sharp criticism. The number of comments that were expressed at yesterday’s meeting, according to Bi-bi-si, were such: “Everyone says she needs to leave,” “It is a serious problem”, “It can’t continue like this”, “People think that the leadership is detached from reality”. According to several participants, they have in writing expressed their distrust of Mrs. may. However, according to the experts of Bi-bi-si, it is unlikely that the conservatives will take decisive steps before fully confident that they will be able to achieve change of the Prime Minister.

Alena Miklashevskaya