Timothy and Nurmagomedov exchanged harsh criticism

Timothy and Nurmagomedov exchanged harsh criticism

Rapper Timati and MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov exchanged mutual accusations on the basis of fierce conflict, after the cancellation of the concert artist label Timati — Yegor creed.

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In connection with the cancellation of a concert by Yegor creed in Dagestan sparked the conflict between MMA fighter Habib Nurmagomedov and rapper Timati, whose label Black Star is written creed.

On Monday, Timothy stood up for his colleague, writing long videobrashchenie to Nurmagomedov in which he invited the athlete to peacefully resolve the conflict.

“I have a few days to observe the situation that is happening on social networks for threats in the address of my artists who had planned to come to Dagestan. That many natives against their arrival — said the rapper — This applies not only to artists Blасk Star, but also other youth artists who come here. Heard your statements that needs to listen in Dagestan, and that listening should not”.

Timothy also stressed that he is familiar with the repertoire of local artists and stated that they “do not differ much from those songs, which play the Moscow singers”.

Newsof the Conflict Timati and Nurmagomedov has caused controversy in social networks

“I thought that your opinion is just rumors that the media inflates — continued the singer. — I want to tell you the opposite — we have great respect for Dagestan and the Caucasus as a whole. There are many people who are experiencing due to the cancellation of the concert. In their songs there is no incitement to extremism and violence. Yes, there are love poems, and I understand that they can be not close to you, may not like. It is necessary to respect the opinions of others. To support the wave that the artists should not come, because they don’t like you personally, is somehow wrong.”

Timothy said that his record label urges his fans not to go on fighting Nurmagomedov.

For me, it’s stupid. Each fighter and artist has his own audience who buys the tickets, waiting for the arrival of the idol. So I think it’s silly all these discussions. If you want to call me. I am available around the clock. I’m happy personally with the children give a concert in Dagestan, and hope that soon we will.Timothy

However, Habib did not like the monologue Timothy, and he sharply criticized the musician by posting your answer on instagram.

“Every creature will answer for your words, I’m just not up to you, but if someone does not like my calls, can not answer, — the fighter wrote in his publication. — I’m not forcing anyone, but to tell me that I have no right to an opinion is ridiculous. Some devils will not tell me what to do and what not. For this I have other people who I consult and to whom we listen”.