“The offset from the posts nobody tells me in the face”

“The offset from the posts nobody tells me in the face”

The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya — in an interview with “Kommersant FM”.


Natalia Poklonskaya may lose his post in the state Duma, the media reported with reference to sources in “an United Russia”. This penalty is Deputy head of Committee on security and combating corruption allegedly received for “protest” vote during consideration of the first reading of the bill on pension reform.

Sources of “Interfax” also said that colleagues Poklonskaya dissatisfied with the work of the Commission on control over reliability of data on incomes and property of deputies, which she chaired. Natalia Poklonskaya, however, about the possibility of his resignation from colleagues not heard, although not denying the possibility.

One of the deputies will check on the results of the meeting of the Commission on control over incomes?

— Today held a meeting of the Commission, and members of the Commission have supported me, listened to my arguments, arguments about possible violations of anti-corruption legislation by a number of deputies, all voted unanimously on the adoption of those materials for consideration and appointment of inspections by the competent authorities in respect of deputies. It is the deputies of the factions “United Russia” and “Fair Russia”. Materials, my request, as Chairman of the Commission will be sent to the General Prosecutor’s office, the Federal security service, Federal financial monitoring service, Tax service and other authorities. All checks are taken me under control, while I hold the position of Chairman of the Commission, since the materials are very serious.

Be sure international orders due to the fact that, according to my materials, members, perhaps, are the founders and are included in the management bodies of business entities, including outside the Russian Federation, and therefore, the review period will be probably extended.

The names I can not name, because I may be accused of divulging personal data. While authorities have not conducted an inspection, has not established the reliability of the fact that there were irregularities, the relevant claims in my address, something we would like.

— Your work, the work of your Commission somehow interfere? Still periodically appears information that you can dismiss the head of the Commission? What around you in the mood?