The head of Regardie promised to do “the chop” from the Bulk

The head of Regardie promised to do “the chop” from the Bulk

MOSCOW, 11 Sep — RIA Novosti. The head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov in response to approval of the FBC of violations the Agency has caused Alexei Navalny to a duel, promising to turn it into “chops”.


In the publication headed by Navalny Fund of struggle against corruption it is said that food for the needs of Regardie purchased at prices significantly above market, with prices rose after the end of last year exclusive right to supply products for the office, received the meat processing plant “Druzhba Narodov”.

Against me you made offensive, defamatory reflections, in the military environment it is not accepted just to forgive. For centuries, the villain was beaten in the face, was challenged to a duel. Mr. Navalny, no one bothers to return at least part of these traditions, I mean satisfaction.Victor Solodovpivo Of Regardie

“I just challenge you to a match on the ring, Mat, or wherever it is I promise to make you a nice juicy steak,” said the General.

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According to him, the intelligence, the military Prosecutor’s office, the accounting chamber, the private security service actively working together with Asgardia on identifying “corruption and deficiencies” in the Department.

“They have really is, they exist. So we wrestle with it, identify those people. And, depending on the offense, or dismissed them, or put on trial — that’s how we do things,” said Zolotov.

As an example he cited the assertion of the FCO that, in particular, procurement prices of juice after a change of supplier has increased from 40 to 87 rubles.

“The price aspect, you were talking about, say, 40 roubles for the juice, says only that it was unscrupulous suppliers and corrupt officials, who entered with them into the conspiracy, because for 40 rubles juice can not be, there may be only water or a substitute,” said Zolotov.