The United States studied plans to overthrow the head of Venezuela

The United States studied plans to overthrow the head of Venezuela

Employees of the us administration was in contact with forces from Venezuela, who planned to overthrow the government. About it reports The Independent.


American officials, beginning in the fall of 2017, several times attended the meetings with the leaders of the conspirators. It is noted that on the background of a rapidly deteriorating economic situation in Venezuela at least three groups planned forcible change of power in the country. Then the President of the United States Donald trump consulted with advisers about the possibility of intervention in the situation.

As a result, when one group of rebels tried to establish contact with the White house through the American Embassy in a European country, they sent a diplomat. He was present at three meetings, however, did not conduct negotiations, but only listened. In the end, Washington decided not to intervene, not to help those who wish to overthrow the government and gave them material support. As a result, the Venezuelans made three coup attempts, they were unsuccessful.

4 August during a public speech of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, an attempt was made to kill him with bombs drones. The organizers of the attack — group “Flannel soldiers” — promised to attempt to eliminate the head of state.

Maduro was accused of plotting the assassination of the former President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who received the Nobel peace prize. It was reported that in connection with the incident were arrested including two high-ranking military Colonel and General.