Poroshenko said about the “interception” of data of Russian military satellites

Poroshenko said about the “interception” of data of Russian military satellites

MOSCOW, 10 sen — news. Ukrainian experts have learned to “intercept” the data of Russian satellites, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on air of TV channel “Direct”.


According to the Ukrainian leader, during one of the clashes in the Donbass security forces using intelligence allegedly was able to “promptly bring up reserves and meet the enemy.”

This, as noted by the Ukrainian President, “was made possible thanks to the specialists in the communication field, satellite technologies, specialists in computer decoding”.

At the same time, Poroshenko said that the data was intercepted by Russian military satellites, which, in his opinion, talks about the current Ukraine “strong school” associated with such technologies.

In recent years, Ukraine has serious problems with the creation of new weapons and maintenance of existing, and the only one designed for Ukrainian communications satellite “Lybid” since 2011, remains in storage in Russia.

Earlier, defense Minister of France, Florence Parlee stated that the Russian satellite came close to the French machine Athena-Fidus at a very close distance that, in her opinion, is an act of espionage. Moscow has not yet commented on this statement.

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