Media: Turkey reported Syrian opposition about the need to prepare for the transfer in Idlib

Media: Turkey reported Syrian opposition about the need to prepare for the transfer in Idlib

TASS, September 10. The opposition “free Syrian army” (FSA) received from the disposal of Turkey to prepare for possible transfer of large pool of fighters in the Syrian province of Idlib. With this statement issued on Monday, the Pro-government Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak.


According to her, the Ankara ordered the SSA to prepare a report on the personnel of the opposition forces, existing weapons and ammunition. About 20 thousand armed members of the FSA will be transferred to Idlib, where he will join there are already other units of the armed opposition. The newspaper notes that, in total, in Syria the FSA have 50 thousand soldiers, and in the region of Idlib after transfer will be about 30 thousand armed members of the Syrian opposition.

It is also noted that the Turkish command in the last two weeks pulled up to the border with Syria for more armored vehicles, artillery, multiple rocket launchers and personnel. Strengthening of Turkish presence is celebrated and the borders of the province of Idlib, where Ankara is equipped with 12 observation points for monitoring the zone of de-escalation.

Turkey opposes the large-scale counter-terrorist operation in Idlib, the fear of including a new wave of refugees from the region into its territory. It also encourages to engage in the disengagement of terrorists from civilians in Idlib to declare a ceasefire and to consider the FSA and other members of the moderate opposition a legitimate dialogue partners on the future of Syria.

Idlib — the only major region of Syria, which remains in the hands of illegal armed groups. Restoring Damascus’s control over the province essentially put an end to large-scale military confrontation in Syria.