Became known to Russian regions with the highest salaries

Became known to Russian regions with the highest salaries

Rosstat summed up the level of wages in Russia during the first half of 2018. Data publishes “the Russian newspaper”.


According to authorities, the average salary in Russia is 42 555 rubles.

Russians more than other people earn in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district — an average of 100 617 rubles. In second place in the ranking of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug — 98 291 of the ruble. Followed by Moscow in the capital receiving an average of 82 729 rubles and Magadan oblast — 82 471 ruble.

The low wages of inhabitants of the Altai territory — an average of 24 402 rubles per month, Karachay-Cherkess Republic — 24 481 rubles, Chechnya — 24 873 RUB and Ivanovo region — 24 874 RUB.

Among industries the most profitable for employees is the field of air and space transport — in this sector the Russians are an average 161,7 thousand rubles per month. Those who extract crude oil and natural gas, paid an average of 123.1 thousand rubles, manufacturers of tobacco products — 111,2 thousand rubles.

Of production the least the job paid professionals who make clothes — 20.8 thousand rubles. per month, produce furniture — 23.4 thousand rubles. and produce the skin and sew goods to 24.5 thousand.

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