The British found love, mistaking a seat

The British found love, mistaking a seat

Unpleasant incident ended in the novel.


When someone sits on your seat in train or plane, it’s annoying. But, as practice shows, sometimes such confusion can decide your fate.

It was love and plane to see ✈ on!!!

— Metro (@MetroUK) 7 September 2018

On the flight from London to tel Aviv, 24-year-old Aday Cohen saw her in the window seat was occupied by the stranger. She pointed out to him the error. The man was very nice. Instead of bickering and figure out who is wrong, ADAI and 27-year-old Michael Hoffman said without stopping for several hours.

Arriving in tel Aviv, new cute friends said goodbye and parted. “I was a bit disappointed when he didn’t asked for my number, — the girl tells. He thought that he was not interested in me, or that he has a girlfriend”.

But actually it was quite otherwise. Michael spent all night looking for the ADAI in social networks. And when found, asked her out on a date. The girl immediately agreed.

Since then the pair have three years living together in London. “It’s so weird that you have such a connection with someone whom you know only a few hours,” commented the ADAI circumstances of acquaintance with the favourite person.

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