Reservations for the hipsters: where in Russia to feel in the capital

Reservations for the hipsters: where in Russia to feel in the capital

Best art clusters outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Travel in Russia is usually a compromise. Between price and quality, decay and color, ethnic cuisine and fast food. Where to go to not only to look at temples, fairs and warm tube-like decrepitude, but also to visit contemporary art exhibitions, listen to lectures and to buy designer jewelry, found a portal

Russia’s first art-cluster appeared in 2004, when the Moscow factory “Red rose” turned into Artplay. Since then, Moscow and St. Petersburg there were two dozen such spaces: galleries, film screenings, fancy bars and shops. They have recently in other cities, including in Siberia and the far East. So a trip to the country now can not wean itself from the usual cafes with raw concrete walls, lecture halls with plastic chairs and galleries with flickering light.

Cultural space Kamenka, Krasnoyarsk

Palace of culture of the Siberian heavy engineering plant was built in Krasnoyarsk in 1956. An impressive building with columns, a portico and stucco fell vacant after the collapse of the Soviet Union more than 20 years. During this time, it was severely dilapidated, floors and ceilings formed hole.

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In 2013, the place interested in Ruslan Tokmak, Anna Ivanova and Mikhail Egoshin, which since then, has engaged in eight such spaces across Russia.

Before that, the Tokmak went to Moscow and St Petersburg, looked at the Metropolitan art clusters and decided to do something similar in your city. In winter, the partners presented the project to local authorities.

“At that time the building was used by about 50%, part of the premises was not working and was locked with a key. We have raised the question: why here and not let people in, why not hold events, why not settle here cool startups manufactory? We started to come up with a concept and presented it all to the Agency of the regional youth policy, collected the first residents, and all started,” said Tokmakov website of “Russian Masters”.

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We believe that beautiful buildings, like people, must be portraits. We dream that the Heater was of such a collection. Looking for someone who would be able to realize a dream. Our birthday is a great reason to be. We are looking for guys that are beautifully draw or make a collage of the interiors or the façade of the Heater. In return from us – invitation for two persons on #balked. The winners will be five. The results will declare the 2nd of April. Don’t forget to put tags #balked and #premierement. Share what you are doing is beautiful #nicamente #Krasnoyarsk #balked

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Now, the restored building has a showroom of local designers, workshops and coworking, gallery (where in September a photo exhibition about the miners) and a library of business literature. And in a small Park around regularly hosts festivals, lectures and film screenings. There had free Wi-Fi, staged a children’s Playground and put up a ramp for skateboarders, skaters and Umarov, and a tray with coffee. The “heater” (the project was named after flowing under the building of the river) is not in the city centre, so Park around it, in fact, regional.

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What to do in the “heater”:

  • Go to the showroom Siberian brands that produce jewelry and clothing, skateboards, interior decoration and printing.
  • Ride a skateboard down the ramp in the Park “Kamenka”.
  • To make something of yourselves in coworking spaces, where there is equipment to work with leather, printing and clay.

But the main goal of the creators of “Kamenka” — support local small producers and entrepreneurs. Now there are nine small companies that create bags and waist belt, bulb, graphic, decoration of wood, skateboards and tissues. They not only invent and sell products, but also produce them here.

We settle the project for three years, with the rising rental rate. Any person, even if he is not a resident, might sit in the co-working space, where there is a chair and a table, then go to “Shop” and make a trial batch of products and then try to sell them in our store.Ruslan Tokmak

Contest check-in “Heater” is held every six months. And initially, the team cluster has invited all. Now the team is focused on creating unique products and having experience in sales. “Previously residents we took different, there was even a dance Studio. Now it only manufactory: so we position it,” said Tokmak. From the available to residents and visitors of the equipment, laser machine, plotter machine for sewing on leather and equipment for product photography.

Earnings “Heater” consists of the rent paid by the resident, income from the shop and payment services “Shop” and coworking. The project remains a subordinate institution Agency of youth policy. The cluster receives funding, win grants, launches crowdfunding projects, but the main asset is the support of the authorities of the region.