Cardi Bi attacked Nicki Minaj with shoes

Cardi Bi attacked Nicki Minaj with shoes

During the party, Harper’s Bazaar is an American singer KARDi Bi came to the table singer Nicki Minaj and began to sort things out, a quarrel, she left to his colleague the Shoe, according to the portal TMZ.


According to reports, during the event, KARDi Bi “aggressively approached the table,” Minaj, the effect of its protection is regarded as an attack and intervened in the conflict stars.

As noted, the Cardi did not stop and left the singer in his Shoe, but missed. The publication stresses that all this time, Nicki Minaj remained unmoved.

According to the information portal, after the incident, the security led KARDi Bi out of the building, and the star at that time was clad in only one Shoe.

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