Trump has heard the criticism of Obama and fell asleep

Trump has heard the criticism of Obama and fell asleep

The US President Donald trump has responded to criticism of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who accused him of trying to cash in on the discontent of the American people. The current head of the White house found the speech boring and confessed that he had fallen asleep. He said this during a meeting with his supporters in Fargo (North Dakota), according to ABC News.


Trump praised Obama’s speech: “I’m Sorry, I watched it but I fell asleep. I thought it was very good to sleep.” The US President added that Obama, in his speech tried to ascribe to themselves the merits of a good economic condition of the country.

However, according to trump, if the election in 2016 the Democrats won instead of GDP growth would decline.

Obama’s speech in the framework of the campaign took place at the University of Illinois. During his speech, the former President criticized the Republican party and the White house, reported CNN. Obama pointed out that the disunity in the nation and nationalist sentiment began even before the coming to power of trump. “It is a consequence, not a cause. He’s just preying on the grievances that politicians have fanned over the years,” he said.