Hawaiian turtle defeated the house of his master (video)

Hawaiian turtle defeated the house of his master (video)

But he was okay, and took off all on camera.


American Jeremy Osuna with his girlfriend in may 2018 during the eruption of the volcano Kilauea in Hawaii rescued from the lake, a large tortoise and left her to live at home.

Lafayette (as they called the new pet) is not a baby — she refers to African spurred tortoises which are the third highest in the world after the Galapagos giant tortoises.

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With a couple and their two dogs Lafayette hit it off, but Jeremy just in case, I locked it in a separate room when they went out of the house. But this time everything went according to plan, and the turtle was left to wander freely around the house. And a very good reason.

After returning home, Jeremy found out that his new pet is literally wrecked the house: knocked over a fan, threw things, moved the chairs and table, but most went to the bedroom. There is a bug-destroyer knocked over a table on which stood a computer and lay cosmetics. After the fall, nothing survived.

Coming home and finding the home a real massacre, Jeremy is not to punish a new member of the family, and just filmed the whole thing on camera and posted online.

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The guy believes that Lafayette could do something to piss off or she just decided to walk. Turtles of this species are rather large (the average weight of females is about 60 pounds) and to avoid obstacles they do not like, and therefore go ahead, smashing everything that can be on your way.