72-year-old aristocrat and a multimillionaire desperate to find a wife

72-year-old aristocrat and a multimillionaire desperate to find a wife

He put an ad in the newspaper and on television.


Sir Benjamin Slade, a 72-year-old multi-millionaire and an aristocrat, a year of unsuccessfully looking for a young wife who becomes the mother of his heir.

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To make a marriage proposal more attractive, he promised the intended bride for a credit card with an unlimited limit, according to British media.

Benjamin Slade, a descendant of king Charles II. He lives in the estate Munsel the XIII century, located in Somerset. A year ago, the aristocrat is bothered by the lack of an heir gave the announcement in the press about finding a young wife, able to bear him a child. His fiancee must be aged 30 to 40 years and not above 1 meter and 70 cm.

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After 12 months Slade is still single. On local television he said that he changed the approach to the search of the bride: “I’m rethinking everything Now I say they want romance. I will give his beloved a credit card so she can shop until you drop”.

Sir Benjamin admitted that he likes traveling to exotic places, fine food and surprise parties.

Aristocrat operates several enterprises, including weddings. He hopes that the future wife will be able to participate in the management of the business. “The Director General in the person of his wife? It’s a great bargain! Two for the price of one,” he commented.

In the past, Slade was married, but divorced in 1991 after 21 years of marriage.

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