The British lost 57 pounds thanks to Britney Spears

The British lost 57 pounds thanks to Britney Spears

Just the girl I wanted to be like her.


30-year-old Lauren faye moss of Mansfield, the British County of Nottinghamshire, now in full building a singing career and wants to release his own album. But a couple of years ago the girl was in a deep depression and rarely left the house. And all because he weighed over a hundred pounds and had serious health problems.

According to Lauren, she was always full, but at the age of 11 she had her joint problems and she could no longer move actively. Gradually she started gaining weight and by age 19, weighed 120 pounds.

Lauren always dreamed of becoming a singer: singing and went to the theatre, but due to the extra weight good roles in plays she didn’t get. In recognition of the girls, the only thing that let her finally give up was her love for Britney Spears. Another 12-year-olds Lauren wanted to be like his idol, and when at the age of 22, she was cast in the musical because of its appearance, decided to act.

Hesitate to go to the gym, the Briton was running at night near the house. She also started to eat vegetables and chicken with steamed fish. And the result was not long in coming.