NYT: Skripal in recent years collaborated with the Spanish exploration

NYT: Skripal in recent years collaborated with the Spanish exploration

According to The New York Times, he could provide the authorities of Spain information about Russian organized crime.


NEW YORK, September 7. /TASS/. A former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal in recent years, has facilitated the exploration of Spain and met with her staff in Spanish territory. This was announced on Thursday the American newspaper The New York Times.

As the newspaper notes, this information was confirmed by an employee of the Spanish intelligence service, whose name is not given, and the journalist and writer Fernando Rueda, covering the activities of the Spanish authorities.

“He [Skripal] continued to come to Spain” — are in the publication the words of Rueda. According to the newspaper, he received this information from intelligence sources in this country. The article says that Skripal in recent years have met several times in Spain with the persons who have worked in intelligence.

The publication quoted is not mentioned by name “the former chief of police” in Spain, who said Skripal was able to give authorities information about Russian organized crime.

The paper says that Skripal was recruited by British intelligence while working in Spain in the mid-1990-ies.

The publication also reported that in 2012 Skripal went to Prague, where he met with intelligence officials in the Czech Republic. In 2016, he traveled to Tallinn and met with the staff of Estonian intelligence. As notes the edition, in these two cases, the trips were sanctioned by the British foreign intelligence service MI-6.