Nina Ricci and spy scandal

Nina Ricci and spy scandal

As poison can bring in a bottle from-under spirits.


Deadly poison is a perfume: “Skrypalia” there are new questions. The police published photos of the vessel — it was supposedly the poison that poisoned the former GRU Colonel and his daughter. This is a bottle of a popular perfume by Nina Ricci, but made it homemade, as explained by experts of the perfume company. As in the vessel from under the spirits could carry the poison? About it — in the material Anastasia Parfyonov and Elena Ivanova.

List fotolik Scotland Yard she stands out a little pink box, perfume bottle Nina Ricci. Just five inches tall — easy to conceal in the hand, and customs is unlikely to cause issues. The perfect container of deadly poison, says one of the creators of “the Rookie” Vladimir Uglev:

If everything is normal made treated surface after filling, the tube proterty. In principle, any bottle to manufacture glassblower even middling worthless. Could order somewhere in a third party to manufacture any glass factory or in the workshop. But I don’t think they used the spray, because it’s very dangerous for the performer. If you just pour — held breath, and that’s all.

The representatives of the brand Nina Ricci hastened to clarify: perfume bottle — art project. The original fragrance called Premier Jour is French for “first day” is bottled in asymmetrical orange vessels. The bulb with photos of the British police are more like a probe with a spray of the medication. Spirits from such use impossible entered into a collector of perfume Galina Anni:

This bottle is like a Chinese knockoff called perfume oil. This dispenser is absolutely atypical, and through him, you cannot spray alcohol perfume, but maybe they can distribute the oil content, but no more. That is on top of this screw cap somehow fits the dispenser.

Premier Jour perfume smells of white flowers and tangerine — perfumers this fragrance is called “an ode to freedom and tenderness”. Neither one nor the other did not feel the one who has discovered a key piece of evidence in the “case Skrypalia” — Charlie Rowley. It was a sealed branded box, and inside it is the bottle — however, in parts: the bulb with an oily, odorless liquid and atomizer.

Typical spy stuff — household items, converted for murder, said the writer, historian of special services Alexander Bondarenko:

This is a classic of the genre. What is at hand, and it should work. In modern times there are more convenient things, so if you had to do to remove someone, it is very simple — click with a pen and the man 15 minutes later dies of a heart attack: sends a charge that takes place, poisonous substances are absorbed by the skin and all, no evidence.

Fake Nina Ricci vial of poison “Newbie” will certainly go down in the history of intelligence on a par with the famous poisoned umbrella that killed Markov was a dissident. The sad irony is that in “case Skrypalia” got the brand Nina Ricci — after all, it was one of the first brands that came in a hostile Soviet Union. Perfume L’air du Temps was popular in the 70s — many will remember him for the bottle of white doves on the cap. However, it seems that now the peace symbol has lost its relevance.

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