“Levada-center” has recorded a growing number of problems the Russians

“Levada-center” has recorded a growing number of problems the Russians

Price growth, impoverishment of the population, and the threat of unemployment more and more worried about the Russians, according to a survey of “Levada-center”. Similar sentiments are fixed and the Central Bank. They found that inflation expectations of compatriots increased by the weakening of the ruble and the increase in VAT.


Russians are increasingly anxious for their future. Primarily people are concerned about issues related to wealth and income, according to data of last research “Levada-center”.

Compared to the same period last year increased the frequency of choice for almost all problems, that is, respondents were more likely than 2017, the year to be worried about in the first place the problems associated with well-being and incomes: rising prices and unemployment, poverty, stratification into rich and poor, the growth of interest and inaccessibility of education.”Levada-center”

The concern about the growth of unemployment recorded in August in the studies above, than in previous years — now concerned with this issue almost every second Russian.

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According to the research, Russians are most concerned about rising prices (72%) and poverty (52%). Followed by the problem of unemployment (48%), corruption and bribery (33%), and unavailability of many types of medical care (31%).

Russians are worried the crisis in the economy and decline of production in industry and agriculture (30%) and a sharp stratification on rich and poor and, in General, unequal distribution of income (30%).

Compared with August, the level of concern on a number of points grew by one-third or more.

For Russians it is important that a social standard of living improved, the income allowed them to satisfy more needs, and officials have the main objective to ensure the availability of what is needed by the citizens, but not always, these objectives and implement them lead to proper effect.Alexander Customerdirect “Mani Fanny”

In the current situation, the overall degree of anxiety increased, for obvious reasons, caused by the weakening of the national currency, the increasing unavailability of some material goods and slow, contrary to the official statistics of growth of average wages, he said.

Newsthe Russians have added to the pessimism

No better picture if we analyze the dynamics of the index of social moods of Russians. According to the “Levada-center”, evaluation of the dynamics of the lives of their families-the Russians in June compared to February decreased by 10%, assessment of the situation in the country as a whole — 12%, expectations for the future of families and countries by 12%, and the assessment of the authorities declined by 18%.

“In the last few years, increasingly that by 40 years of age is responsible for the low level of social optimism, which is typical for most older ages. In the spring of this year the picture became even more depressing — by the age of 30 Russian citizens are the same skeptics, as the older generation,” — said the experts of “Levada-center”.