Journey Petrov and Bashirova

Journey Petrov and Bashirova

What questions to investigate the poisoning Skrobala.


Two Russian spies and poison in a perfume bottle Nina Ricci London told who and how, according to his version, he was poisoned Skrobala. Scotland Yard not only named names and showed photos of the suspects, but the minute painted their movement within the UK. However, matters to this story even more. The details of the spy scandal was dealt with Ivan Koryakin.

On March 2, three hours a day, two days before the poisoning Skrypali: from Gatwick airport leave two in the jackets, pass under the cameras and get on a train to London — is Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov, says Scotland Yard. At least these names written in their Russian passports, but the police does not exclude that they are fictional. But why would Russia send security personnel with national passports? The Colonel of KGB in resignation, the former state Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov is not surprising — he himself was such a document:

This is called the document cover. You can write any passport or even Mata Hari, and he will be quite true from the point of view of the Russian rules and Russian legislation. I had the document cover, and not one when I worked in the KGB. And in intelligence, there’s an infinite supply of such documents.

Besides, prospective employees of the GRU and not trying to hide under the cameras in the coming days, they will pass dozens of times. They, of course, not the London: sneakers, jeans, puffy coats and hats (not the earflaps) — not heroes of the movie “Red heat”, no matter how joking on this topic on the Internet. Overall, the job is usually and dress, says a former intelligence officer Peter Grigoriev:

You illegally intelligence, living in an ordinary “hruscheby” and perform a secret mission. You have to be in the “t-shirt, drunk,” telogreechka. Grayer than, easier and more discreet intelligence, the harder it is to decipher the matter.

The next day the alleged GRU officers went to Salisbury. The police think that exploration. Curiously, on the same day, March 3, Sergey will Kripalu came his daughter Julia. And maybe the suspects didn’t know about it — they left Salisbury before her arrival.

Through the day, March 4, two men in jackets came back and tried the poison on a door handle at home Skrobala. Helped them in this fake perfume bottle Nina Ricci, said the police. Only here it is not so clear: cameras-the home of a former intelligence officer there. Though there is a compelling argument, and he convinced the journalist of the newspaper the Guardian’s Luke Harding, who is watching “thing Skrypalia”: “we live more than 60 million people, and not everyone has a camera at the door. But there are much more interesting detail: the police say they have found new traces of the “Newbie” in the room of the London hotel where he stayed Bashirov and Petrov. Yes, it’s good to be skeptical, and many are for six months was questioned, but now everyone can look at the pictures”.

The newsof Nina Ricci and spy scandal

The fate of the “Newbie” from Nina Ricci all the more surprising. It looked for a few months while in Amesbury died from the effects of the poison don Sturges. The police does not exclude that the cause is the same bottle left in one of the tabs. But lawyer and former investigator Igor Markelov , it is unclear why leave so many clues: “There are plenty of other ways to deprive a person of life, less visible and leaving no evidence. Most people, who are called assassins, and use a firearm. Bullet weapons will not lead to any country.”

On the other hand, could it be a coincidence the appearance of two Russian in Salisbury the day before the poisoning? The publication “Fontanka” found out rooms passports Petrov and Bashirova: it is curious that they differ in the last digit, as if they’ve given out almost one after the other before the task. In any case, London is not yet proven connection Bashirova and Petrov, GRU documented. So that Moscow can still say that the journey Petrov and Bashirova was their own initiative.