Jeans no jeans. The Swedish brand sells cut off the top of my pants

Jeans no jeans. The Swedish brand sells cut off the top of my pants

Although a “novelty” may be free to make any.


In recent times fashion brands have shown a crazy imagination about the different variations of jeans. Pants cut, torn, inserted sheer mesh and plastic and finally came to its logical conclusion — from jeans leaving only the belt.

The newscame jeans that must be worn without underwear (photo)

It is a Swedish brand Weekday is trying to sell on the website scandalously famous British store Asos, which readily promotes such creations. Cut the top from denim pants with rudely sticking out in all directions thread worth as much as $ 23. A bit pricey, considering that a similar model (not even trying) are free to make at home using old jeans and scissors.

Asos, which had previously offered to buyers of questionable model, described denim belt as a perfect accessory to any attire.

The post Twitter users expressed their disbelief and explicitly refused to pay for denim waist any money.

And although the top of the pants looks strange, it is still far from the inside-out jeans with sewn stockings that came up with the designers of the Italian brand Unravel Project.

For the days when you want to wear jeans but also, you don’t? Discuss!

— ASOS (@ASOS) 3 Sep 2018

For those days when you want to wear jeans and not. Discuss!

U g l y

— courtney (@_kourtneyxx) 3 Sep 2018


What even is that ? is it a belt? Or is it attached to those trousers?

— Linzi Stewart (@linziiistewart) 4 Sep 2018

What is this? This strap or this thing is already sewn to the pants?

Stop making a new ugly trend

— Mishari (@MishariBowie) 3 Sep 2018

Stop making new stupid trends.

how could you possibly think that that is a good idea? I mean look at it

— kaylee? (@kaylsjordan) 4 Sep 2018

How could you possibly think that’s a good idea? You just look at it.

There are no words! Tell me nobody has actually purchased this?! ??? ♀app

— Claire Goldring (@claireannbond) 4 Sep 2018

There are no words. Tell me that actually no one bought it.

Uh too high fashion for me

— Vanishta M. B (@Vanish6M) 4 Sep 2018

Too high fashion for me.