In the UK, there is the mysterious giver of cakes

In the UK, there is the mysterious giver of cakes

He leaves treats for the neighbors at night.


Residents of chapel lane in the British Leyte from Jan find the front door or in the mailbox inexplicable sweetness.

Hello cake fairy, can you come to London please?

— Metro Lifestyle (@MetroUK_Life) on 6 September 2018.

Their leaves unknown the giver the night before the holidays. Cakes and biscuits, cooked in the home kitchen and nicely packaged. Sometimes they are attached with a sweet note of congratulations or a wish. Such gifts to the residents of chapel lane was received on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Easter and other holidays.

The neighbors believe that baking leaves some of the new inhabitants of chapel lane. On the street rented many apartments, and their tenants are constantly changing. To find out the identity of the mysterious donor has not yet succeeded.

At first, people reacted to the gifts cautiously, but soon appreciated the sweet gesture. They began to give little surprises in return. Someone left the “night fairy” bouquet of sunflowers with a note. On the morning of the bouquet disappeared, and instead of the giver of the flowers was waiting for a bag of cakes and a letter. In this mysterious Baker explained that loves to cook and gets pleasure when someone can appreciate his efforts.

Neighbors say that the cakes really are delicious and a sweet gesture revives tradition of British neighbourhood.

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