Tolstoy’s dog, which fattened the Taiwanese students were put on a diet (video)

Tolstoy’s dog, which fattened the Taiwanese students were put on a diet (video)

Now the whole school is helping him to lose weight.


Pupils and teachers in primary schools, and amenities in the district of Tamsui in new Taipei now have a hard time. The institution strictly forbidden to feed and treat treat a beloved, eight-year-old dog named Little White Socks (“the Little white socks”).

Taiwanese Pupils at school are banned from school feeding pooch after it became obese

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) September 5, 2018

Eight years ago the students of the school rescued the puppy and persuaded the Director to leave it on site. Since then, the dog became not only a local security guard, but also the mascot of the school.

NewsThe fattest hedgehog in the world went on a diet of”the Little white socks” — the real star of the institution. Everywhere there are his portraits: on the walls, crockery, Souvenirs and even educational facilities.

Dog here, love everything, but because everyone wants to please him with something tasty. Because of the increased attention the dog began to rapidly gain weight and now looks more like a small calf weighing 50 pounds.

The school Board, worried about the health universal favorite, has introduced strict rules for students, teachers and employees of the coffee shop. Now the dog needs to eat healthy food on a schedule and feed him forbidden. But the active games with the dog would be welcome, as he badly needed exercise.

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