The police broke into the birthday 8-year-old boy

The police broke into the birthday 8-year-old boy

18 guests were shooting toy guns.


The police arrived on the celebration of the eighth birthday of Oliver Greene in the British village of Yaxham.

Police swoop on eight-year-old boy’s Nerf gun birthday party after neighbours report gunfire and screaming

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) 5 Sep 2018

Officers were called by neighbors after hearing the shots and screams. As it turned out, 18 of the invited children began fighting with toy guns, which is charged with safe Darts and balls.

“I was in the kitchen making tea for mom, and then someone said that the police came, — said 47-year-old Lisa Greene, the mother of the birthday boy. — I immediately thought: “Oh my God, someone complained””.

The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up.

“Who’s the birthday boy?” — asked one of the officers. Oliver boldly stepped forward and admitted: “I’m the birthday boy, officer. But I’m not quite sure what I did wrong.” Response toddler was amused by the police.

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Officers, instead just to leave, with pleasure communicated with children and took photos for memory. Younger guests could not believe that this is real cops. Oliver’s mother believes that her son will remember this day.

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