The Federal budget will Finance 95% of the may decree of Putin

The Federal budget will Finance 95% of the may decree of Putin

National projects from the may decree of President Vladimir Putin, 95% will be financed from the Federal budget, the remaining funds will allocate regions, said first Deputy Finance Minister Leonid Gornin at a Moscow financial forum.


According to Gorina, this ratio was supported by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. However, it will not be tough, said Deputy Minister in the regions-the recipients level of Federal funding may be 95-99% and in regions-donors — 0-95%.

We are talking about additional government spending of $ 8 trillion of This amount, the government had to find to bring the total expenditure to Finance a new may of Putin’s decree to 25 trillion rubles for the next six years. The main goals of Russia’s development from the decree will be issued in 12 national projects.

Putin instructed to 2024 to hit Russia in five of the largest economies in the world, to reduce poverty by half, increase life expectancy to 78 years, to radically improve the quality of healthcare and education in the country, to provide large-scale construction of housing and infrastructure.