The British Minister called Putin responsible for the poisoning Skrobala

The British Minister called Putin responsible for the poisoning Skrobala

The Minister for security in the UK Ben Wallace today laid on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin responsible for the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skrobala in Salisbury in early March.


On the eve of Prime Minister Theresa may has limited itself to stating that the poisoning was organized by the Russian intelligence Agency GRU, with the approval of the person on a “high level” of the Russian authorities, without naming specific names.

“In the end, he [Putin] is responsible, because he is the President of the Russian Federation, and that his government controls, Finance and controls military intelligence, the GRU, through the defence Ministry,” said Wallace in a live morning program Today on BBC.

I don’t think someone can say that Putin is not in control of their own state. He deliberately surrounded himself with current and former intelligence officers, security forces, as they are called in Russia… In the end, of course, he is responsible. He is the leader of this state.Ben Wallenmeyer security UK

Wallace said that the UK will respond to Russia’s actions, but not “rude, disruptive and aggressive behavior that we see from Russia”. “We are opposed to Russian as in public and non-public sector, within the law and subtle actions,” he said.

On the eve of the UK named suspects in the poisoning Skrobala 4 Mar. According to law enforcement agencies of the country, it is the GRU, the citizens of Russia Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. The Russian foreign Ministry said that the names and pictures of Russian does not speak, and again invited the London “go for practical cooperation between law enforcement agencies.”