Looks like the “bottomless” lake in Buryatia

Looks like the “bottomless” lake in Buryatia

Locals believe it was enchanted, and scientists — geopathogenic zone.


In the North of Buryatia, in Yeravninsky Raion, there is a small lake Sobolo that you can walk around for half an hour.

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The name of the lake is translated from old Mongolian as “bottomless” or “through”. Accurate water depth hitherto unknown, and the water is always very cold, 12-14 degrees.

The locals, the lake has a bad reputation — sometimes in its waters disappear people and animals. Their bodies are never found or suddenly find in other bodies of water.

Scientists believe that Sobolo — natural geopathogenic zone. The crust in this place has a special structure. The region of Buryatia, where there is a lake considered a region of extinct volcanoes, the landforms which are typical faults.

The lake, of course, is not bottomless, but it is much deeper than other ponds in this region. On average, they have a depth of about 5 m, whereas Sobolo — low 13. The exact level is yet to be established.

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Researchers believe that the lake bottom area can be much larger than the visible surface. Most likely, we are talking about a large network of karst caves that connect Sobolo with other bodies of water.

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