In Russia decreased the number of marriages

In Russia decreased the number of marriages

The figure has decreased again after a slight increase last year.


The Russians were less likely to marry. For seven months of 2018 were married on 12% less steam than in the same period a year earlier. Experts expect that the statistics at the end of August, which is not yet ready to be somewhat optimistic due to the beautiful date 18.08.18. However, a significant increase in the number of marriages to expect in the near future is not: the Russians go to the Registrar less in 2014, only last year, the situation slightly improved.

As experts explain, the low indices are associated with the demographic crisis of the 1990s.

In January-July of 2018, the Russians concluded 495,5 thousand marriages. This is 12% less than in the same months of 2017, when it signed 561,2 thousand unions. This is evidenced by recent data of Rosstat, which acquainted “Izvestia”.

Divorces became more, but only slightly — by 0.4% to 349,4 thousand cases in January-July this year.

The number of marriages in Russia is declining. For example, in 2014, married couples 1.22 million in 2015 to 1.16 million in 2016-m — 986 thousand At the end of 2017, there has been improvement in the situation: it was concluded 1.05 million marriages is 6% higher than a year earlier.

2014 also reduced the number of children born, according to Rosstat. In 2014, the light appeared 1.95 million Russians, and in the past year, I have only 1.69 million

The situation is linked to the demographic failure of the 1990-ies, explained the member of the expert Council under the government of Love Khrapylina. Now grew small generation that it is time to make alliances and to bear children.